Nestled at 7,900 ft above sea level, Aspen, Colorado may very well be the highest elevated city you would consider for a destination wedding. Aspen has quickly become a favorite ski resort town for millions of Americans, or a second home for international jet setters and the rich and famous. Downtown Aspen has become a haven for the most trendy, and expensive shopping boutiques. The average home in Aspen is currently going for a scant 6 million dollars.

The wedding industry in Aspen is not well established, as we are speaking of a town of less than 6,000 people. But the basics can be found easily such as local Aspen florists, or local Aspen caterers. Your best bet is to choose a venue for your wedding and reception in Aspen, and then ask that particular venue coordinator for referrals for any additional Aspen wedding vendors you may still need…except the photographer, you’re good there. I have not worked with any Aspen wedding coordinators or planners to date, so I cannot make a recommendation. Again, I would ask the Venue coordinator for a referral if you feel you need a local coordinator. Keep in mind that any coordinator worth their commission does not need to actually be a local Aspen wedding coordinator to help you plan your Aspen dream wedding.

If you are a native Coloradan, you know about the weather. If you are not, allow me to share with you that 8k above sea level is no day at the beach in terms of temperature, depending on the season. However, I think you’ll find that Aspen is a perfect temperature in the summer for a wedding. But if you are not used to elevation, pack warmly and remember to drink large amounts of water while you’re there, just to be safe. You might think that it would be too cold at elevation in Aspen for a destination wedding, but if you were considering an island wedding in the Caribbean you would have to deal with heat and humidity. Aspen’s weather in the summer is actually much more comfortable than any island I’ve been on in the summer. One aspect of an island wedding that brides often over-look, is the affect that the heat and humidity have on their hair, make-up and dresses. Couples having their destination wedding in Aspen have nothing to worry about from heat and humidity, as Aspen’s average temperature in the summer is around 73 degrees, and the humidity is...well, let’s just say that we Coloradans don’t like humidity, so we don’t allow much of it. If you decide to have an Aspen destination wedding, I think you will be more than pleased by your choice. All in all, an Aspen wedding would be a unique and scenic choice for a destination wedding.

Here is a short list of some of our favorite venues in Aspen:

The Hotel Jerome


Aspen Meadows Resort


If you are interested in commissioning Brad Walters as your Aspen wedding photographer, contact the studio.