New York


Brad Walters is an international destination wedding photographer traveling to cities like New York, and other parts of the world photographing weddings for his clients.


Choosing to have a destination wedding in New York will surely give you more creative planning choices for your wedding than any other destination. Numerous romantic possibilities are yours to choose from for your New York destination wedding, such as ice skating at Rockefeller Center, or dining at the famous River Café looking out across the East River towards the lights of Manhattan. Perhaps you would prefer to have your ceremony and reception at the historic and luxurious Plaza Hotel that just completed a $400 million dollar contemporary renovation. Just outside the Plaza Hotel are opportunities to share a romantic horse & carriage ride through central park, or perhaps a trip to the top of the Empire State Building for a ceremony on the observatory deck.

If you decide to not only have your destination wedding but also your honeymoon in New York, you could embark on a dinner cruise around the city, or maybe a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to marvel at some of the most treasured and famous pieces on the planet. The Central Park Boathouse offers waterside dining and boat rides afterwards. If you enjoy entertaining eateries, New York has an impressive list of them ranging from The Hard Rock Café of course, to Planet Hollywood, Jekyll & Hyde and the Ninja Restaurant. The selection and diversity of restaurants in New York is unmatched around the world. Who could forget the unforgettable Broadway Theatre in Manhattan for those newlyweds with a flair for the theatre? The Broadway Theatre has been host to some of the longest running and most famous shows ever. Lastly, we would remiss if we failed to mention the famous Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

Enough can’t be said about the absolutely endless possibilities for you to come up with when planning a destination wedding in New York for yourself, your family and your guests to enjoy while in the city. There are simply too many things to do in New York to list them all here, and the wedding industry is extremely well established and ready to serve. All one has to do is a Google search for New York Weddings and the adventure in planning will begin.

As with many destination wedding locations, there could be a number of resorts in New York that do not allow destination wedding photographers, so be sure to choose a hotel or resort that allows a destination wedding photographer for your New York wedding. Contact the studio to be sure your venue is accommodating to destination wedding photographers. Utilizing the hotel “photographer” is highly discouraged, as more often than not these employees are not trained photographers. They are simply hotel employees with cameras.

If you are interested in commissioning Brad Walters as your New York destination wedding photographer, see our New York destination weddings pricelist, and contact the studio. Video-conferencing is available for New York destination wedding planning, and be sure to ask to see a sample destination wedding slideshow.