Brad Walters is an award winning destination wedding photographer shooting destination weddings for his cleints in picturesque locations like Barbados.


Barbados, or “Little England” is almost entirely encircled by beautiful coral reefs, so if snorkeling or diving is your thing, Barbados is the place for your destination wedding. However, snorkeling is certainly not the only reason to get married in Barbados. Like Aruba, Barbados’ constant trade winds cool its tropical climate, and make for a pleasant island on which to have a destination wedding. The average temperature in Barbados is 75°, with an average humidity of about 79%. For any of you hurricane weary brides, you’ll be glad to know that Barbados lies just outside the hurricane belt.

Barbados offers a plethora of activities on your honeymoon such as scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, parasailing, paragliding, hiking, spa treatments, horse racing, nightlife, historic museums, shopping, and art museums--just to name a few. Your photographer might even want to capture you at these activities the day after your wedding.

Notable Barbados resorts offering destination wedding services include the Sandy Lane Resort, Treasure Beach Barbados, the Crystal Cove Hotel and the Grand Barbados Beach Resort.

One of the unusual aspects of getting married in Barbados, is that the government of Barbados does not require advance notice that you will be getting married there. I don’t recommend leaving this to chance, however, as you will still need a marriage license. In addition, it does not appear that photographers need to apply for a work permit to shoot your Barbados destination wedding either. Barbados has not historically been known as a hot spot for destination weddings; however, its popularity is growing among wedding couples and photographers and Barbados does have an extensive network of destination wedding professionals to assist in planning.

If you are thinking about a cruise for your honeymoon, then Barbados might be the place for your destination wedding. Barbados has an enormous number of cruise lines operating out of the island.

The best time to have a Barbados destination wedding is during the cooler, drier months of late winter and early spring, or December though May. Your wedding photographer will appreciate it as well, as the climate is easier on their gear. Mid-December to Mid-April is also the peak tourist season, and is typically when prices for everything are higher, and the tourist crowds more abundant.

As with many destination wedding locations, there could be a number of resorts in Barbados that do not allow destination wedding photographers, so be sure to choose a resort that allows destination wedding photographers for your Barbados destination wedding. Contact our studio to be sure your venue is accommodating to destination wedding photographers. Utilizing a Barbados hotel photographer as your destination wedding photographer is highly discouraged, as often these employees are not trained photographers, or experienced wedding photographers.

A list of commonly known resorts that cater to destination weddings, but also disallow or actually charge high fees for allowing destination wedding photographers to serve their clients, include the Sandals Resorts (all locations), Breezes (all locations), Rooms On The Beach Resorts (all locations), Couples Resorts (all locations), Starfish Resorts (all locations), Grand Lido Resorts (all locations), Rose Hall (Jamaica) and the Fern Tree Spa at Half Moon (Jamaica) (The Fern Tree is the same Company as Rose Hall).


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  • Barbados Tourism Authority -- USA/Florida office 150 Alhambra Circle, Suite 1000
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  • Barbados Tourism Authority -- UK office
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