Brad Walters is an internationally acclaimed, destination wedding photographer flying to exclusive locations like Bermuda for his client's destination weddings.


Bermuda consists of a total of 138 islands, and is world renowned for its unique pink sand beaches that make a stunning backdrop for destination weddings. The average year-round humidity is 77%, with an average temperature of around 65° year round, but with highs in the 80’s in the summer making for an ideal climate for a destination wedding.

Bermuda’s economy is one of affluence and prosperity, having the highest GDP per capita in the entire world (as of 2005). It is consistently ranked among the top destination wedding locations in the world as well, and your wedding photographer will have no problem finding picturesque places to shoot. Water sports, hiking, fishing, golfing, boating and sailing, art museums, spas, and nightlife featuring jazz musicians among others are only a small example of what can be experienced during your Bermuda destination wedding.

Bermuda is less than a two hour flight from the nearest U.S Coast line, making it easy and less expensive to fly guests and your wedding photographer to the island. Also, as far as we can tell, there is no requirement for a work permit for destination wedding photographers. Bermuda also has a well established destination wedding industry to help plan Bermuda destination weddings.

You'll notice that scooters are a way of life in Bermuda, as car rentals are not available. Remember to ride on the left side of the road, Bermuda is a British overseas territory.

Prominent resorts in Bermuda that offer destination wedding palnning services include the Fairmont and the Elbow Beach Bermuda.

As with many destination wedding locations, there could be a number of resorts in Bermuda that do not allow destination wedding photographers, so be sure to choose a resort that allows a destination wedding photographer for your Bermuda wedding. Contact our studio to be sure your venue is accommodating to destination wedding photographers. Utilizing the hotel photographer as your destination wedding photographer is highly discouraged, as often these employees are not trained or experienced wedding photographers.

A list of commonly known resorts that cater to destination weddings, but also disallow or actually charge high fees for allowing destination wedding photographers to serve their clients, include the Sandals Resorts (all locations), Breezes (all locations), Rooms On The Beach Resorts (all locations), Couples Resorts (all locations), Starfish Resorts (all locations) and the Grand Lido Resorts (all locations).


  • Bermuda Department of Tourism
  • Gloabal House, 43 Church St.
  • P.O. Box HM465 Hamilton
  • HM12 Bermuda
  • Email: Travel@BermudaTourism.com

Or call 1-800-Bermuda in the U.S., or in the U.K. dial 0800-883-0857.

Visit the official Bermuda website to learn more about Bermuda destination weddings.

If you are interested in commissioning Brad Walters as your Bermuda Destination Wedding Photographer, see our Bermuda destination weddings pricelist, and contact the studio. Video-conferencing is available for Bermuda destination wedding planning, and be sure to ask to see a sample destination wedding slideshow.