Brad Walters is an international destination wedding photographer traveling to extraordinary locations like Jamaica photographing his client's destination weddings.


Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean with a length of 145 miles. Jamaica is well suited for destination weddings, with tourist attractions in major cities such as Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Port Antonio, Portmore, Kingston and Spanish Town. Jamaica has long been a favorite locale for destination weddings for its unique musical culture including reggae, and its tropical climate. Cliff diving, waterfalls, caves and a truly unique Jamaican cuisine are among the highlights of Jamaica that entice couples to plan their weddings there. With an abundance of bed & breakfasts and villas, Jamaica is one of the most romantic islands for destination weddings.

Preeminent resorts in Jamaica that serve destination wedding couples, and that are welcoming to Jamaica destination wedding photographers include the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort and Spa, the Round Hill Hotel and Villas and the Coyaba. Jamaica is one of the few islands that have an abundance of resorts that cater to destination weddings and couples, and most allow Jamaica destination wedding photographers.

As with many destination wedding locations, there could be a number of resorts in Jamaica that do not allow destination wedding photographers, so be sure to choose a resort that allows a destination wedding photographer for your Jamaica wedding. Contact our studio to be sure your venue is accommodating to destination wedding photographers. Utilizing the hotel photographer as your Jamaica destination wedding photographer is highly discouraged, as often these employees are not trained photographers, and many are not experienced wedding photographers.

A list of commonly known resorts that cater to destination weddings, but also disallow or actually charge high fees for allowing destination wedding photographers to serve their clients, include the Sandals Resorts (all locations), Breezes (all locations), Rooms On The Beach Resorts (all locations), Couples Resorts (all locations), Starfish Resorts (all locations), Grand Lido Resorts (all locations), Rose Hall (Jamaica) and the Fern Tree Spa at Half Moon (Jamaica) (The Fern Tree is the same Company as Rose Hall).

If you are interested in commissioning Brad Walters as your Jamaica Destination Wedding Photographer, see our Jamaica destination weddings pricelist, and contact the studio. Video-conferencing is available for Jamaica destination wedding planning, and be sure to ask to see a sample destination wedding slideshow.