Turks And Caicos


Brad Walters is an internationally acclaimed, destination wedding photographer traveling to exotic locations like Turks and Caicos photographing weddings for his clients.


The Turks and Caicos islands are geographically contiguous with the Islands of the Bahamas, but politically they are different countries. The climate is much the same as the Bahamas. So If you have your heart set on an intimate destination wedding, don't like large crowds and love the idea of the Bahamas, you might want to consider Turks and Caicos for your destination wedding since you'll have less tourists, while still enjoying relatively the same climate as the Bahamas.

With a thousand square miles of coral reefs, turquoise waters and notable snorkeling, there is plenty to do after Turks and Caicos destination weddings.

The upside to a Turks and Caicos destination wedding that it's proximity to the U.S. mainland will make it easier and less expensive to fly wedding guests and your wedding photographer there, compared to other islands you may choose. The down side to planning a Turks and Caicos destination weddings, is the requirement for a 72 hour residency period before an application for a marriage license can be submitted, and the processing takes 2-3 days. So, they'll have you on the island for about a week before you can go ahead with your Turks and Caicos destination wedding. However, we know of no requirements for destination wedding photographers to obtain work permits to photograph weddings.

There are a number of quality resort that cater to destination weddings on Turks and Caicos. They include, but certainly not limited to, the Seven Stars Resort, the Sibonne Beach Hotel and the Grace Bay Club.

As with many destination wedding locations, there might be a few resorts in the Turks and Caicos Islands that disallow destination wedding photographers, so be sure to choose a resort that allows a destination wedding photographer for your Turks and Caicos destination wedding. Contact our studio to be sure your venue is accommodating to destination wedding photographers. Utilizing the hotel photographers as your Turks and Caicos destination wedding phtoographer is highly discouraged, as often these employees are not trained wedding photographers, or have little experience in photographing weddings.

A list of commonly known resorts that cater to destination weddings, but also disallow or actually charge high fees for allowing destination wedding photographers to serve their clients, include the Sandals Resorts (all locations), Breezes (all locations), Rooms On The Beach Resorts (all locations), Couples Resorts (all locations), Starfish Resorts (all locations), Grand Lido Resorts (all locations), Rose Hall (Jamaica) and the Fern Tree Spa at Half Moon (Jamaica) (The Fern Tree is the same Company as Rose Hall).

If you are interested in commissioning Brad Walters as your Turks and Caicos Destination Wedding Photographer, see our Turks and Caicos destination weddings pricelist, and contact the studio. Video-conferencing is available for Turks and Caicos destination wedding planning, and be sure to ask to see a sample destination wedding slideshow.