True Oil on Canvas Paintings
Marrying the technology of today with the beauty & artistry of the past.
Brad offers his wedding clients something truly unique - oil on canvas paintings by the couple's wedding photographer.
From the beginning to the end of the creative process, the artist is there creating one-of-a-kind works of art that quickly become the topic of conversation in any room, and family heirlooms afterward.
Availability is limited.

Brad's paintings are about humanity - brides and grooms dressed to the nines on one of the most important days of their lives, fighter pilots in combat, ballerinas who float, athletes, musicians...other artists. Anybody able to show the rest of us that our limits are far past where we believe they are, or whoever inspires and encourages each of us to be better, to be stronger, to grow a little each day toward our full potential, and to be kind to ourselves as we fail - that is the subject of Brad's artwork.

85 - Andrea and Keith.jpg
Andrea & Keith
30x40 Oil on Canvas
Andrea & Keith was painted from an image captured at Garden of the Gods in Colorado.
To intentionally create tension between the couple, the artist secretly instructed the groom to remain standing with his hands in his pockets even after the shoot began. The bride eventually took matters into her own hands, throwing her free arm around his neck & kissing him, creating a unique portrait.
The painting shows the artist's range, as it offers both portrait & landscape work.
*private piece/prints unavailable.

86 - Eboni and Anthony.jpg
Eboni & Anthony
30x40 Oil on Canvas
Eboni & Anthony was painted from an image captured on Grand Bahamas island. The painting is characterized by both warm and cool colors working together to create a picturesque, quite scene.
*private piece/prints unavailable.

83 - Speed Boat Taxi.jpg
Speedboat Taxi
24x36 Oil on Artboard
Speedboat Taxi is an early, experimental painting of a groom arriving to his ceremony site on a private Bahamas Island. The speedboat was being used to ferry the entire wedding between the yacht they arrived on and Rose Island. A bird's-eye view of the island and a glimpse of the bride can be seen in the photography gallery.
*private piece/prints unavailable.

87 - Evina and Brent.jpg
Evina & Brent
30x40 Oil on Canvas
Evina & Brent was painted from photo taken during the couple's creative portraits, and fit the style of modern downtown Philadelphia. A nod to creativity, and even another painting are visible in this painting characterized by its bold, in your face attitude.
*private piece/prints unavailable.

88 - IMG_0989.jpg
Stop It
30x48 Oil on Canvas
Stop It was painted from an image captured after the wedding ceremony while the couple waited outside their reception hall for their reception to start.
*private piece/prints unavailable.

84 - Studio Model #1.jpg
Studio Bride One
24x36 Oil on Canvas
Studio Bride One was painted from an image captured during a commercial photo shoot for a boutique wedding dress designer. As such, Studio Bride One is not a painting of a bride, but rather of Megan the model.

89 - Megan1.jpg
30x48 Oil on Canvas
Megan is also a painting of an image captured during the same commercial photo shoot for a boutique wedding dress designer.

90 - Miss Bethany Witter.jpg
Miss Bethany Witter
30x40 Oil on Canvas
Miss Bethany Witter is a lovely painting of an image captured during Miss Witter's bridal photo session before her wedding day. The painting is an early attempt at a formal portrait in the style of the society portraitists.
*private piece/prints unavailable.